Friday, October 28, 2005

Musings: I Got A Rock

Well, you most likely had one of two reactions to today’s post title. One would be, huh? - Oh, another for the collection in your head - I see.

The other would be visions of Charlie Brown comparing candy acquisitions on the traditional door to door Halloween hunt.

Tis the season once again. And, if you have never seen "It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" what the hell are you waiting for? You are excused if you don’t have a full set of your first teeth yet - you others - shame on you.

All of the Peanuts Specials come prepackaged now on DVD and you might even be able to find some copies on VHS. That stands for "Video . . .something, something" for you youngsters. Not all things spring to North America’s TV sets via satellites and discs. Which reminds me, my eight track needs cleaning again . . . But I digress.

Anyhow, there is nothing which gets me in the seasonal special occasion spirit, (I see those who know me going, huh?), like a Peanuts special, and the Great Pumpkin is no exception.

We get to see Snoopy take on the Red Baron atop his doghouse, Linus waiting with conviction for the Great Pumpkin and Sally reluctantly waiting too, and yes, we see Charlie Brown getting rocks. And how hard can it be to cut two holes in a ghost costume I ask you? All part of the great humor hidden in this American gem.

And if you are a regular watcher of "How I Met Your Mother" you got the reference to this great classic on last week’s episode with Ted waiting for the "Slutty Pumpkin" to return at the Halloween party. I think he even had a blue blanket on the rooftop. I know, two reactions to that reference as well.

My daughter is the perfect age now to enjoy this special and she laughs as hard as I do when Charlie Brown gets a rock. Are we just cruel animals to do so, or do we know this is all a wonderful, comical, familiar (for some of us) wondering down a path of inspirational joy.

Well it is for me, I say with a waiter’s towel around my arm, and (Insert scene from "The Meaning of Life") if you don’t see it my way.

Get it, see it, treasure it. And if you have kids you gotta get them indoctrinated - screw the reality shows and see the Peanuts specials instead. They don’t give a rat’s ass who wins the damn race, they will just want to know if Snoopy wins the fight and what Charlie gets for Halloween . . .

Or whether he gets a Valentine . . .

Or the right Christmas tree . . .

Huh - Where am I?

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