Saturday, September 24, 2005

Mystery Book Review: Tooth And Nail

Tooth And Nail
From the mind of author Ian Rankin springs his third mystery novel, Tooth And Nail, involving Inspector Rebus. This time, John Rebus is after the "Wolfman"; a serial killer with a grisly modus operandi.

You see, the murderer doesn’t just kill his victims, he takes a bite out of them afterwards as well. Rather unpleasant business for sure. John Rebus is sent for from his normal Edinburgh stomping grounds all the way down to London to help in the investigation. The reason is that John is a cracker at solving serial killer cases - or so everyone but him believes.

Things heat up in the big city as John, trying to help in his own way, makes some decisions which are questionable. To top it off, the local police don’t think too kindly about having and "expert" from up north mucking about. He is teamed up with George Flight, the lead London investigator on this case, and some believable heated moments take place between he and John.
Mix in some colorful characters, a gorgeous psychologist, which John can’t help himself from getting involved with - on and off the case - more bodies stacking up with denture marks on them, and the usual twisted ending and you have another pleasant (if that word applies) read.

Another great Ian Rankin novel which has you second guessing who did it, and has you rooting for and believing in the fallibility of John Rebus and his unorthodox methods.

Highly recommended again. Tooth and Nail is a fun book with a dark edge and gritty humor and a lead character you can actually sympathize with. What more could you ask for? Well other than Cthulhu to show up that is?

Next up from Rankin for me will be Strip Jack. And from all I’ve heard so far, the series just keeps getting better.

Bring em on!

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