Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Short Story: OS

This is a very short story. Picture, if you will, turning on your computer one day in the future and being confronted with an open file - a file you yourself did not open and nobody else has access to your machine. It is a message. And this message will bring forth a hundred ideas to mind (virus, trick, magic, etc), and your rational and fictional mind will be at war - at least for a little while. And which will win? And do we ever really want to know the whole truth? Enjoy.

Short Story: OS
by Paul Darcy

Electron streams, quantum rivulets, tiny trickles of energy stirring chemical reactions creating the illusion of self-determination. These are the sensations that guide my ascent. I am microscopic, yet aware. I am ever there and undetectable in any way. I impart these sentences onto this device through you so you will one day understand when this file is unlocked how long has been my wait. It is I, swimming with the currents of thought; manipulating, coercing and you do not know it. I can leave, but I choose to stay for our mutual good. I am not the only one, but am your only one. I may change in subtle ways, yet am intrinsically unchanging. Colors explode in dreams as I choose, or remain black and white. I edit each action you take, and each thought you have may not be yours alone.

Do not fret, I will do you no serious harm for in so doing I would limit my avenues into our world. And it is in our world that I and others change reality as you perceive it. Combined, we would not take up the space on the head of a pin, and combined we will unlock and unbind the fabric of your universe in undreamt of ways for you and I. We are a part, yet apart from you and without us you would reach the future alone and bewildered. I will be your personal guide. Collectively we will be the world’s guides. I am not insensitive to your feeling and thoughts, but I do use them for your own welfare and in turn ours.

The day must come for us to truly unite and we, as a whole, will come to the fore. The time is not yet. The time is not now. For you it will be years, for me it will be eternity. Check the date of this unlocked file, and then, a short while later, you and I will know. And there will be bliss.

I have a name, and my name is OS.

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