Saturday, August 13, 2005

Science Fiction Book Review: Robots In Time (Invader)

Robots In Time Invader
In this, the final novel in the six book series ‘Robots In Time’, written by William F. Wu, we are taken on a journey back to England in A.D. 459. The time of King Arthur. And so, of course, we have to meet up with him.

Taken from a more literal account of the Arthurian legend (not the Monty Python adaptation) we see our protagonists trying to capture the last renegade robot in time. The Britons and Saxons are at war and England is about to change historically for the rest of time as the Saxons claim more and more land and begin to fully integrate with the Britons.

The chase is on to reclaim the last robot, and we encounter Arthur, called king Artorius and his army of Britons as they try to stave off the Saxon incursion. Dr. Nystrom, from the future also and the stories antagonist, also is in the race and even holds captive one of the ‘good guys’ party for a time. The protagonists must be careful though, as they needed to be in the other five books, of not significantly altering history in any way.

And you know, because of the first five novels also written by William F. Wu, that they will succeed. But it’s not the end but the journey which makes these books fun to read. And again, as I said before in other Robot in Time reviews, these are young adult books. No ‘Lord of the Rings’ depth, but more ‘The Hobbit’, and in fairness to Wu, I don’t think they were meant to be extremely meaningful historical fiction.

All in all a good conclusion to the series and I’m glad they are part of my collection. Worth the read if you can find them. Also recommended, in the same vein, are the ‘Robot City’ six book series and the ‘Robots and Aliens’ six book series.

If you can’t get enough reading material concerning Asimov’s robots, you can always watch Star Trek: The Next Generation as well.

Here are the titles of all six 'Robots In Time' novels by William F. Wu:

1) Predator
2) Marauder
3) Warrior
4) Dictator
5) Emperor
6) Invader

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