Saturday, August 20, 2005

Mystery Book Review: Hide And Seek

Hide And Seek
Well Rebus is at it again, but this time as a full detective inspector. And what can I say about Ian Rankin’s second novel in the Rebus series except - I’m hooked. The subject matter is right up my alley as Rankin loves to delve into the very seedy side of Edinburgh’s society.

It starts with an apparent junkie’s overdose, but the candles, the way the body appears laid out, and a pentagram drawn on the wall leads Rebus to other conclusions - murder. And in classic (can I call Rebus classic after only reading two books so far?) fashion, Rebus is on the job and snooping around in the underbelly of Edinburgh.

I think what make these novels so enjoyable for me is the fact that Rebus is just a normal guy in a tough job and his sometimes sarcastic views and wrong turns lead him in deeper and at some points of the novel you actually feel like he is in too far and not going to pull out of it. His relationships as well are sweet, in a painfully realized way, and you can’t help cheering for him and booing his adversaries.

Well done Ian Rankin. I’m not going to give too much away on this one except the word "Hide" in the title is a play on words, and Rebus finds out that Satanic worship, though reprehensible, is nothing compared to the truth he uncovers.

These books remind me of X-Files mixed with Columbo mixed with Night Stalker meets Raymond Chandler in modern times. Truly great stuff. And as if that were not enough, the writing is nothing short of spectacular as well.

I can hardly wait to read book three - Tooth And Nail.

Bring it on Rankin, I can take it. And I’m loving it.

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