Friday, August 19, 2005

Musings: Howl At The Moon

War. War never changes . . .

If you caught that reference you are way to familiar with the Fallout computer games. Classics that they are.

And war is not only armed combat between cultures or nations. War can be inner turmoil, the kind we either face, hide from or confront. Confronting it is difficult, but in doing so we can move on, progress, head toward our goals in the hopes of enriching our lives and the lives of others.

Today is the full moon. So I figured it is a good day for change. Not me into a snarling werewolf (actually would be pretty cool, except for the being chased and gunned down by the authorities, or waking up naked at the wolf pen in the zoo), but a change to The Twisted Mind Emporium. Oh, it won’t be a drastic change, but it will be change.

You see, much as I love posting here four times a week on a variety of topics, I’m finding that my time, already limited by a full time job, family, exercise, cleaning, communing with extra terrestrials . . . Ah, skip the last one. I didn’t mean it. Really. Roswell was nothing but a weather balloon. Weather. Balloon.

So, to put it bluntly, the change to The Twisted Mind Emporium will be the discontinuation of these Friday Musings. Believe me, it breaks my heart as much as yours. So what is to be done then you may well ask. You can’t do this. It’s not fair. I paid good money . . .

Truth is my writing projects are suffering way too much time parasitism and this needs to stop - now.

If you are a writer then you know how many hours it can take to write even one short story, if you really care about the craft and want to do a quality job. And don’t you want to read the Willow meets Picard story I’m working on before 2009? I want that story to be good, not rushed and hacked together, and so I need more time in which to produce it properly.

But that is only one story. I’m working on a script right now and with what is coming out in the theaters and television currently I find my script idea fits that niche perfectly. But Hollywood niches come and go very quickly. And my script won’t fit into anything but the waste paper basket if it doesn’t get finished. So, again, I need more time, time this blog bleeds away.

And I often joke about getting older. It is mostly a joke. But not that long ago, it seems, I was watching "The Night Stalker" and the newly released "Peanuts" specials. That, for you youngsters, was two to three decades ago. Dicken’s was absolutely right when he penned the line "tide and time wait for no man" - sexist - but right.

So, the new Twisted Mind Emporium will be updated from now on only three times a week. I apologize if this causes you any irritation (I’m Canadian - I’m supposed to apologize) and will make sure my three posts are as good as they can be, including my Wednesday short story slot.

War. War never changes . . .

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