Friday, August 05, 2005

Musings: Board Now

Doesn’t everybody’s spare closet (is there such a thing in this day and age of too much stuff?) still contain board games collected long ago? Well mine does as evidenced by the small attached visual eye candy on the left.

So what, you ask? Well, how about dragging them out for a good old fashioned (hey, watch it you young whipper-snapper - I’m not THAT old yet) night or afternoon of board game fun? You don’t always have to interact with fellow humans via chat lines and forums. Really - you don’t.

And just how many hours do your children, or maybe you yourself, spend in front of electronic devices? I’ll bet it is way to much time and these poor neglected board games are just crying out from their dark holes to be played with.

So, ditch the X-Box, Game Cube, PC, DVD, Digital TV for a while, collect some friends and family and blow the dust off that copy of Monopoly or go out and buy a great new board game - and get to it. You may have forgotten just how fun non-electronic entertainment can be.

And if you think electronics are the only entertainment medium to have advanced in the last decade - think again. Many new and very cool board games have sprung up to rival, in my mind anyway, the latest electronic toys. And it is so much more satisfying to laugh in the face of victory or defeat directly than having to resort to symbols typed on a keyboard ;-(

I have a fondness for (no, not words beginning with F though there are a few I really like) fiddley games with tons of bits. And two relatively new games I’m starting to really like lately are from a manufacturer Fantasy Flight Games. The two I speak of are “War of the Ring” (yes based on Tolkien’s fantastic world) and “Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition” a science fiction empire building epic. Both of these games will keep you and your chosen partners occupied for hours.

In a world of cyber-space, where human contact is slowly being replaced with avatars, I think it’s a good idea to get together with your friends and family in a more intimate setting - and then, of course, trounce their exposed flank with hordes of game pieces - all friendly like of course.

And yes, the game sandwiched between Tikal and Axis and Allies is "Arkam Horror" - the original.

Human interaction - isn’t that what life is really all about? And don’t mistake those tools for friends, even if some of your friends are tools.

Board now!

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