Friday, August 12, 2005

Musings: Airborne Particulates and Polished Surfaces


Fred and Ginger. . .

My how my mind dances right along with them whenever I watch one of their movies.

If you have never watched one and marvelled at the magic - what are you waiting for?

And while we watch isn’t it easy to assume, and believe, that they are a real couple on and off the screen. They just seem to belong together and watching them in action is nothing short of phenomenal.

But they were never a couple outside the studios. It was all speculation, conjecture and wishful thinking brought to us by the practitioners of the smoke and mirror industry. And why is our society so steeped in the practice of obfuscation to begin with? Why do we ‘want to believe’ even when we are confronted with the cold hard facts?

Perhaps it comes from our earliest childhood molding, when Santa Claus brought presents and the Easter Bunny hopped into your home at night to hide chocolate. The Tooth Fairy left money for teeth. We believed it then, and our wiser parents made it so.

We seem to have a love of mythology and weave it into our every fictional creations, and carry it over into our non fiction as well. Business is the master of airborne particles and polished surfaces. Nothing is ever as it seems and those who try to play by other less convoluted rules are cast down or aside.

Relationships operate much the same way, never saying exactly what we mean, but thinking that our subtle innuendoes and hints will carry exacting meaning to others. How can we be so wrong, yet carry on? Maybe the very fabric of reality itself, though the scientists scurry for explanations, is something we can fathom at a deep level but are afraid to confront.

And so we continue to enjoy and take comfort in half-truths, personal beliefs and rumors despite the best evidence. I think that the very nature of reality is much too frightening a thing for us to accept, so we adapt to live within its framework - wanting to believe in something but never sure what that something is. Never really wanting to find out for ourselves.

Perhaps Edgar, master of the twisted horror, penned something frighteningly close to the truth when he wrote, ‘is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream.'

For me, I’ll take the smoke and mirrors this world throws at me and enjoy them for what they are reserving judgment for others. To try and scientifically explain away reality destroys, for me, the very excitement that is reality.

I may not like airborne particles and polished surfaces, but when I confront them I like them in black and white.

So I’ll put on ‘Top Hat’ and enter the dance, and for a while dream of wondrous things and weave my own steps into the ultimate grand illusion.

If you want to believe - that’s all you really need to do.

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