Monday, July 25, 2005

Musings: An Unscheduled Interlude

I couldn't resist posting - plus I like the word interlude...

Been on vacation for three weeks and I seem to have turned into a five toed sloth - complete with tree climbing and leaf munching capabilities. But, as promised below (my last post) I will be back in action August 3rd with a new posted story. Ooohhh - getting all tingly? Is tingly a word?

And while I was away, my favourite actress was and is really smoking (okay, bad inside joke for those at AHAS) with two major projects on the go - a movie and a fall TV show. Go Girl, Go! This is exciting news for sure.

Well back to my last week of blissful nothingness. But, if you are a believer in the vacuum theory, (not talking sucking up dust bunnies from under the couch with your Hoover), then I hope to return like a big bang on August 3rd.

Until then, keep your kids out of trouble, your nose clean - and for heaven's sake put on clean underwear. Or if you like - don't wear any at all.

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