Friday, July 29, 2005

Musings: Schedule Schmedule and Downhill Skiing

Okay, this post officially marks my return… kind of like a dog marking a tree, only much less gross and with less ground scratching afterwards – I hope.

I’m actually on schedule today for a Musings post, but if you check my post schedule I’ve been screwing that over pretty good this past week. Creativity, and my long vacation this year, has brought ruin to my carefully crafted post schedule.

It will return to regularity next Wednesday Aug 3rd (I’ve given it plenty of Metamucil and prune juice), and I feel until that time I have days to mess about doing anything I want…

It is my blog after all. Well, free cyber-space for me to play around in actually.

Hell, it’s your blog too, if you are bothering to read this.

This year my offspring is going to start downhill skiing. Wasn’t she in diapers only a few years ago? Yikes! Anyhow, I have the opportunity to go out with her and ski. And yes, I am past my skiing prime, but up for the challenge – I think.

Once upon a time (wait a second while I put in my false teeth and check my depends) I was a Canadian ski patrol. Yes, me. Cruising the slopes in my brown jacket, yellow cross markings against the maple leaf, first aid belt fastened around my waist and occasionally behind me - the toboggan for the potentially injured. I was in great shape, could ski like nobodies business, and now – decades later – I am looking towards the white hills again.

And, the biggest laugh of all. I still have my old equipment, even though several museums have offered me money to display the stuff. Decades are a long time. And I’m kind of worried about it. I mean, what if I fall and damage something? Look foolish. Plain suck!

But, as a dad, I don’t really need to worry about all that anymore now do I. I may rent some newer equipment though, just so the kids don’t laugh too hard. And when I fall down, I’ll pretend it was intentional. Yeah, that’s it.

It should be a blast of fun. And I have the perfect excuse to stay on the baby hills and learn how to ski all over again – my offspring.

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