Friday, June 24, 2005

Musings: Pursuit Of Happiness Or Hopelessness - Your Choice

Every day is full of choices, most of which we don’t make but instead we "go with the flow" and then grumble about what happened afterwards to others. Take the news for example. Now if you have TV Hookup (I don’t and don’t want it - even though my favorite actress is starting her new show this fall)

Digression alert! Digression alert! Digression alert!

Favorite Actress Aside - You go girl! Oh I am so happy about your recent movie role. You are the friken lead! I hope your butt and feet aren’t too sore from the recent training. And I can’t wait to see you again on the big screen next year, or maybe even this year depending on release time. That, for me, is always a major treat. Thanks so much for the continual inspiration and I am thinking that one day we’ll both be meeting An Oscar (not the grouch, the statue) - maybe even on the same project. Now that would be sweet! - And I’m talking real sugar, not splenda or that other crap. . . .

Ahemmm - Please excuse that happy aside - you will now be returned to this somber article . . .

How much time do you spend watching the news? Too much I bet.

And what does the news do for us? Oh it gives us the local weather and best of all (right?) it lets us know every heinous crime which was committed around the world in the last day or two. Everything from car bombings in Iraq, to murders in the big cities. And unless you live in the very neighborhood the news is reporting on, just how does this affect your immediate life and those you love around you? I’ll bet not at all. But you get all worked up, blood pressure rising, pissed off even and nowhere to vent except your personal space and those who happen to pass through it.

This is not an ideal situation. We all have enough local and personal issues without taking on the world’s greater problems too. My suggestion - Instead of watching the news tonight, pop in a Bach CD and get lost in the beauty of his music. It is one small example of what a human being can accomplish. Would you rather pursue a life of happiness, or one of hopelessness? It really is up to you. And you can change.

I’m not saying to be ignorant of world news but view it as the over saturated biased view of what is really going on out there in the world. News is sensational - the more deaths, the better. And it is not always the whole truth - don’t kid yourself there either. Here is where I talk about attitude again. You can choose to control it - it is yours and no others although it is easy to be influenced by outside sources.

The best way to foster a positive happy attitude is to do and experience and live positive happy events (like not watching the news every day), but there is a catch. You have to work at it. It does not come seeking you.

Now get out there and pursue your happiness.

PS - You go girl! Woo! Hoo! And Horton too!

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