Sunday, May 01, 2005

Short Story: Only Human

Hmmm, what can I say about this one that will not get me into trouble? Ever see somebody and wish you knew exactly what they were thinking? Me too. But if you really had that ability you may find that what you uncover is not what you expected or truly wanted to know. Oh, and this one is very short, the kind you can read between sips of Sunday morning coffee. And I’m not sure if "enjoy" applies here. With this one I think it’s a matter of perspective, upbringing and being able to find humor in even the most sacred of places . . .

Oh, to hell with it - Enjoy!

Only Human
By Paul Darcy

My shoulders ache and I'm very tired. I want to sit down. I hope this will be over soon. The sea of people on either side of the street makes me weary. The sun is too hot. Most of the buildings are dirty. Typical of these large cities. I see one woman in the crowd wearing almost nothing. She has well formed breasts. I wonder if they are real and how firm they are? It would be pleasant to find out with my tongue. No chance though. I can see, not far from her, a long haired male character. Freak. Must be a drug addict. I can almost see the track marks up his arms. Crack most likely. That’s what’s popular today isn’t it. Waste of resources on an already overcrowded world. Smile, have to keep smiling. I shouldn’t think this way, but I do. It’s so hard to be completely objective. A billboard advertising scotch. Haven't had a taste in a long time. Would be good to get wasted on it again. Some clouds are moving in, might relieve this heat. We’re turning right. God, I am tired. Finally, entering the underground parking. Why must everyone around me always carry guns. Is it really necessary? If so we must be lost. It's too hot in this parking lot as well. At least I can let my arm down, stop smiling.

The bulletproof glass door in front of me opens and Brain, head of security, says, "Your, Holiness. You may come out now."

About time. I only want this tour to end, go back to the Vatican.

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  1. Anonymous7:56 pm

    A fun little "Gotcha" story. I liked it a lot.