Monday, May 02, 2005

Musings: Dude, Where’s My Career?

How did I end up doing this when I wanted to do that? It seems like a large percentage of the population thinks this at least once in their life. And some think it once an hour or more. Choosing a career is a tough thing especially when there are so many choices and so much outside pressure to make those choices for you. Some find their fit. Most don’t. Most have a career thrust upon them and once you have obligations and bills, bills, bills, you can easily find yourself trapped. So how do you find out what you want to do with your life and be assured that it is the right choice even after you know you are in the wrong career?

It’s simple, really. Where have you heard that before? Do I have the answer? No. Am I in the right profession? No. Am I doing something about it? Yes. And you can too.

Beware - Free advice coming up – and I know you are thinking - I’m so full of crap you could squeeze me and fertilize a farm. But I already said above that I don’t have the answer, but instead I offer a faint glimmer of how to get on track. For me it’s writing. That’s where I fit. For you it may be farming (need some fertilizer?) or trucking or, or anything you find out you really enjoy doing. But how do you know? Well, have you ever been doing something and got so excited you needed to go to the bathroom so badly but you didn’t want to leave off what it was you were doing to go? And I’m not talking beer binge either. I’m talking some activity that got you so excited you felt like you were six years old again and opening presents at your birthday party. Well this is the hint I’ll leave you with. Be aware of those times in your life and be honest with yourself. Don’t let others taint your enthusiasm. If making paper airplanes gets you feeling like this but your peers make fun of you – just stick a paperclip on the nose of your latest creation and shoot it at their mocking heads. You are in control of your mind and can, with awareness and hard work, find the career for you and make a go of it. But don’t think it will be easy or simple and if anybody tells you it is, I say squeeze them and plant vegetables.

So dude, where’s my career? I’m working on it. I’m working on it.

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