Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Musings: Change is Good

There is no single thing in all the world which remains the same. Well, okay that negative charge on the electron stays pretty constant but I’m sure at some minuscule level it fluctuates - hence change. Change is an integral part of life, death, the universe and everything. And in fact, it is neither good nor bad - It just is. So what I’m trying to say here about change is that the best way to experience change is with a positive attitude. Or, look upon change as a good thing and not something to fear or see negatively.

Here is one example of change as a good thing. Underwear refreshment. To never change your underwear is to embrace the status quo, to reject change. Not good. That unwillingness to change, though you could look upon it as a good thing in your new positive world view, I would regard in the slightly negative category - especially if I am sitting next to you on the subway. Not only is it non-hygienic, it’s downright gross. And do you want to be wearing the same pair of undies until they are crusty and need to be surgically removed? What if you get into an accident? What would your mother say? You see - Change is good.

So today, when you walk out into this ever changing world - learn to embrace your change. Dimes, quarter, nickels - whatever. Grab hold of it and give it a squeeze. Perception is the key. Reality is indifferent, but how we view it can vary widely. Keep a positive outlook while you experience this world of change we live in and you will most likely be a happier person and make the others around you a little happier too.

But, for the love of others, please change your underwear every day.

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