Friday, April 22, 2005

Writing Tip: Read

I’m getting close to posting my first story here but I need to learn a few tricks first. I’d like to write a short introduction to each tale I post and then post the story afterwards. For now, I’ll just limit the post display to 1 (as suggested by a good friend of mine), so this means my story, once posted (I'll do that first), will be showing up in the recent posts or archives in this format – Short Story: Yada Yada.

I haven’t actually written a story titled, "Yada Yada", so you won’t find it, but do look for my short story titled, “Carls” that I will be posting soon - like tomorrow.

And I'll be posting general musings (those days when my mind needs a good wander in the pastures of random thoughts) sometimes too. They wil be in the format of, Musings: Yada Yada

Oh, and I almost forgot. From time to time I will be posting useful (at least I hope they are) tips for writers. Things I’ve learned, stolen or borrowed from many other sources. I’ll leave you with one today. They will be set up in this manner. Writing Tip: Yada Yada (again, no Yada Yada tip, but I think you've caught on by now.)

Writing Tip – Read as much as you can.

It makes sense and if you are a writer and you probably do this anyhow. It does help to continue to stuff your mind with grammar and spelling and sentences. It also helps to fix in your mind the flow of a short story, or the flow of a novel and by reading plenty of each it will become second nature. You don’t need to know all the technical terms, but that can’t hurt, and it takes longer to learn by osmosis the things you will need to craft good stories and novels, but that’s how I did it. Oh, and in case you were wondering, there is no magic formula, no special steps you can follow to success in writing. It’s just plain hard work.

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