Thursday, April 21, 2005

So It Begins . . .

Oh My God. Ever say that? Me neither, but it’s pretty dramatic I think. Kind of what I am thinking right now as I make my “first ever” blog post. And it is way, way too easy to do such things as I found out creating this little spot in about ten minutes. I’ll keep this first post short with the promise of better things to come. By that I mean in the near future (what the H is the “near future” anyhow – sort of the opposite to “recent past” I guess) I will be posting my short stories here for all . . . Ummm, well at least some . . . Okay, who am I kidding – family, friends and those who happen to have made a wrong click and ended up here and decided to stay for a read.

So, with my first post firmly sticking out like a big rubber sticking out thing, I’ll rush away and go get my first story ready for viewing. Oh, and some of them (three) have even been published already. So even though I don’t have a Doctorate in English (that’s my wife’s department) I have managed to crack the short story market so you may enjoy some of my tales as much as three editors did. And yeah, the children’s song “three blind mice” is now racing around my mind too.

Oh, and I just decided which story to post first. It’s the first short story I had published back in 1998. Tune in later, once I figure out how to manipulate this blogging engine thingy.

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