Friday, April 29, 2005

Poem: Continuum

Well, today I start a new category, but it is only for one day cause I only have one you see. This little poem was "almost" published long ago, but due to an "overstocking" of poems at said publishing place, had to be rejected.

I was going to call it "Ode to Eternity and Existence and the Beauty in Life and Death and the Creation of All that is or Was or Could be in this Island Bubble we Dub the Universe You See and then Don't because of Gravity..." Ummm, but since that title is almost as long as the poem I settled for the much more succinct and appropriate title, "Continuum" instead.


By Paul Darcy


Spark, heat, explosion, unification, expansion,

Cooling, splitting, coalescing, forming, circles, ellipses,

Points, compressing, heating, fusion, radiation, eruptions,

Matter, ejecting, arranging, systems, bodies, orbits,

Impacts, chaos, order, acids, helix, respiration, expiration,

Combining, moving, chlorophyl, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon,

Water, waves, swimming, crawling, walking, thinking, growing,

Adapting, learning, watching, writing, communication, banding,

Gathering, hunting, farming, trading, building, wasting,

Emotions, reasons, unions, pollution, flight, war,

Space, traveling, seeing, hoping, succeeding, failing,

Time, winding, ending, cooling, shrinking, dying,

Slowing, reddening, gravitation, crushing, unification,


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