Monday, April 25, 2005

Musings: XML, Routines, Things to come

Well, I got the XML link all set up here so that I can hook my blog up to my blog reader and know immediately when I post something . . . Okay, that is getting a bit too “Mr. Bean” like and I didn’t really do it – but I could now that the XML box is available. I guess I’m just a bit excited about getting it to work. If you want to use it it’s at the bottom of the blog.

Well, this post will be a musing, but check back soon for another short story. I have about 50 of them I will post over the next year or so and of course more of them come to mind and take form in words, so the number is have is always growing. Oh, and if you are a publisher just dying to publish a collection of my short stories, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you. Next I’ll cover my daily routine of writing and what projects you can expect over the next few months or years.

The Routine: I get up Monday to Friday at 5:30 am. I shower . . . Okay, agreed, too much information. Make a cup of (Tea, Earl Gray, Hot) and head to the basement where my writing lair awaits. From 6:00 am to 7:00 am I try to write on my Dell Latitude Nortel off-lease castoff machine and most days I even succeed. My lair does have the temptation of about 2000 books and my new game computer, but despite all that I do manage to resist these temptations . . . Mostly. That’s about it. The rest of the day is work (the one that pays the bills, kills my back, rots my mind makes me realize that the corporate world is not the place I should be) then home to my family (supper, fun, love and reading most nights since no TV hookup) Then to bed at 9:30 to repeat the weekday cycle all over again. Oh, and my weekends are reserved for friends and family so I don’t usually write (except blog posts now) during that time.

The Projects: Well, I do crank out some short stories a few times a year, but right now I am working on a novel (I see the rolling eyes, like what writer is not working on their novel, eh?) and its first draft completion date is set for July 1st. After that I have a romantic comedy script to finish (mostly worked out and plotted with developed characters) and shop around and another one which is a science fiction, but it is in the egg-meet-sperm, sperm-meet-egg stages so will need much more gestation time before it is properly born. In some later musing posts I’ll give updates as to how they are coming along.

Well I can see that I’ve written enough here for now so I’ll leave off and think about the next short story to post here. Should be up in a matter of days . . . But I don’t know if that means two or several hundred . . . Okay, I’ll try to make it two since I know you can’t wait.

PS: Waves to Aly and his friends at AHAS. Look at me, Look at me . . . Oh god I’m childish . . . but that's only when I’m not being infantile.

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