Thursday, April 28, 2005

Musings: Deliever Me From Urviles

Just a quick blog today about temptations and how they can easily disrupt the wirter’s life. I use Urviles as an example because I so love the Thomas Covenant books and could easily pick one up and start reading it again at any time. It is so hard, when you have a thirsting active mind to settle down and write when you are supposed to. Stephen King had some things to say about this like, have a space with nothing in it but your writing tools. Hmmm, good advice I think. My workspace is cluttered with about 2000 books (Donaldson’s included) my internet and game computer (the one I’m blogging on right now) games, pictures, my digital camera - I sometimes wonder how I get anything written at all down here in my lair. It is such a fun play land to be in when I am supposed to be working at my craft. If it weren’t for my iron discipline and dedication - Okay, I can see you aren’t buying it. Well, I did manage to write three pages of my novel today and I am about one third of the way completed on my first draft, so I can’t be all that undisciplined - can I?

Well I don’t think I’m going to cart out all the fun stuff from my lair just to avoid temptation. That would leave my writing space with only my laptop and one chair and one desk and one light. That’s just too Spartan and reminds me too much of my daytime cubicle at work - Yikes! Ummm, not really my idea of a fun place to write. So, I’ll do the Bradbury thing and keep my writing room cluttered with inspirational toys and books and clutter and work on discipline. Reminds me of "Yellowbeard" the movie. I recall the captain introducing each of his officers on deck and, of course, each one was "in charge of discipline".

Now where is my copy of that movie - ah here it is . . .

I should be writing, I should be writing, I should be writing . . .

The plastic toy Talosian on top of my computer is glaring at me for not writing more of my novel this morning.

Okay, okay, I ‘m getting back to it right now.

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